Manure Spreader

Tube-Line Nitro Manure Spreader

Nitro Manure Spreader

Product Information

The Tube-Line Nitro Manure Spreader is a vertical beater system packed with features giving you a fast and consistent application at foot-to-floor speed.  Adjust how fast the hydraulic apron chain chews through fertilizer with a variable control to ensure it gets thrown evenly and powerfully on to your field. Each beater is individually balanced for even rotation. The galvanized metal surfaces stand up against corrosion while the slip-slide box keeps the load moving.

We have a variety of spreaders available between 12 and 17 Tons.

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  • Apron Chain

    Apron Chain

  • Replaceable Reversible Knives

    Replaceable Reversible Knives

  • Beater Wedge

    Beater Wedge

  • Rear Drive PTO

    Rear Drive PTO


Extra Information

Tube-Line Nitro Manure Spreader Features:
Variable speed, reversible apron chain system (logging industry 5/8” chain)
Guillotine end gate can hold back the top portion of load to feed the bottom through first
Converts into a rear-discharge trailer with removable quick drop beaters

  • Optional: hydraulic light covers
  • Optional: silage extension
  • Optional: poultry litter beaters:
  • Gearbox drive system
  • Dual horizontal beater assembly
  • Dual spinners
Lifetime Apron Chain Warranty


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Carrying Capacity 12 Ton --
Tire Sizes 550/45-22.5 Floatation Tires (Bias Ply) --
Heaped 410 Cu. Ft. --
Struck Level 281 Cu. Ft. --
Size 25ft. x 75ft. --
Weight 9,139 lbs --
Beater Speed 420 RPM --
Required Tractor PTO HP 90 HP --




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