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Dry your grain with ease with a NECO Grain Dryer from Flaman Agriculture. This mixed flow dryer is one of the most efficient grain dryers in the industry, maximizing the test weight of dried grains and lowering your energy bill—saving you up to 20–30% on fuel costs. Mixed flow operations ensure even heating and cooling to preserve the quality of your grains, while the modular design allows the NECO dryer to be expanded or customized to suit any farming operation. The NECO Grain Dryer has no screens to clean or unclog, maintaining airflow throughout the drying season and making it suitable for drying all grains without the risk of plugging. Featuring multiple burners and blowers for flexible drying options, NECO Grain Dryers are the industry-leader when it comes to moisture control. 

NECO dryers use Commander Control with DRYER MASTER moisture control system. This PLC-based dryer control system utilizes touch screen navigation with dual sensors to deliver accurate moisture readings, reduce over or under-drying, maximize throughput, and lower energy consumption. The optional COMMANDnet system allows remote access to your NECO Grain Dryer to monitor its performance from your smartphone, tablet, or computer—giving you peace of mind as you control your dryer right from the palm of your hand.

See more screenless technology in the double-flow grain and seed dryer from Oakland Products. It’s low-profile, low-maintenance, low noise, and runs in heat or cold, 24/7.

At Flaman, we are committed to providing the best farm equipment and service the agriculture industry has to offer. Our team of over 30 agriculture sales reps are here to help our customers with their grain drying needs. Find us at one of our ten dealerships across Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Alberta.