Grain Carts

J&M Medium Capacity Grain Carts (750 to 875 BU)

Medium Capacity Grain Carts (750 to 875 BU)

Product Information

J&M mid-sized grain carts are perfect for smaller farms. With PTO and hydraulic capabilities, these medium-capacity carts are compact workhorses that have unmatched design and performance. The 750-18 model retains the original extendable auger, while the 812-18 model features the new extended reach auger.

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  • Wireless Weighing System

    Wireless Weighing System

  • Flow Control Spout

    Flow Control Spout

  • hydraulic Drive Kit

    hydraulic Drive Kit

  • Michel's Rolling Tarp

    Michel's Rolling Tarp


Extra Information

Balanced Tongue Weight: Balanced weight reduces stress and costs to your tractor drawbar.

In-Line Auger Design: The grain is not re-directed, ensuring efficiency and better transfer.

Telescoping Flow Control Spout: Extends in the outward position to maximize side reach and retracts when unloading in the downward position to maximize unloading height.

Excellent Clean-Out: Allows for unrestricted grain flow and prevents bridging in high moisture.

J&M iFarm Plus: A wireless weighing system with moisture sensor option.



Capacity 750 BU 875 BU
Auger Size 18” Old Style Extended Auger 18” New Extended Reach Auger
Unload Time 3.5 or 2.1 minutes 1.8 minutes
Wheels 27 x 32 27 x 32
Tires 30.5 x 32 Lug Tires 30.5 x 32 Lug Tires
Hubs 10 Bolt 10 Bolt
Spindles 4 1/2” Diameter 4 1/2” Diameter
Tongue Weight: Empty 1,150 lbs. 1,275 lbs.
Tongue Weight: Loaded 2,850lbs. 3,800 lbs.
Total Weight 7,650 / 7,950 lbs. 9,300 lbs.