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Massload Farm Scale

Drive Over Axle Pad Scale

MassLoad Drive Over Axle Pad Scale

Hauling grain is an unavoidable part of your farming operation, but we at Flaman want to make it an easier, streamlined process for you with the addition of a massload farm scale. We offer 3, forklift portable, massload drive over axle pad scale models for you to choose from that will save you potential overweight fines. These scales are ergonomically designed with a single operator system, easy to mount 6” platform and accuracy even on gravel surfaces, allowing you to weigh your B Train in 90 seconds and get on your way.

The scales are constructed with heavy duty steel, feature checker plate pads that easily support single or dual tires while preventing skidding and come with a 6-digit All Weather LED display. Most importantly, and perhaps most impressive – they are built to withstand extreme temperatures; a welcome feature when we consider the unpredictable weather prone to Western Canada. 

Flaman has a full selection of agriculture equipment for your farming operation, and a full team to help you as well. From our experienced sale experts that will connect you with the right equipment to meet your needs, to our hard-working shop service crew that will keep your equipment working in top condition – we are here for every step of the process. Visit one of our 9 locations across Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba to learn more about all we have to offer.