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MassLoad Drive Over Axle Pad Scale

Having a scale in your arsenal is an excellent way to avoid weighing errors that could potentially cost you. A massload drive over axle pad scale from Flaman is accurate, cost effective and versatile. The 3 models available are forklift portable, allowing you to move them where most convenient for you, and are fully automatic with a single operator system. The scales allow you to weigh your B Train in 90 seconds, are easy to mount with a 6” platform, and can be used on gravel surfaces.

As well as being easy to set up and use, the truck axle scales are sturdy. They’re made of heavy duty quality steel, feature tough checker-plate pads to safely support single or dual tires and prevent skidding and can withstand the extreme temperatures we’re familiar with in Central Canada. Combining all the above features with an accompanying All Weather Display that boasts an easy-to-read 6 digit LED display, makes our scales a valuable addition to your line up. 

Flaman is proud to support and meet the needs of local farmers. With our 9 locations across Saskatchewan, Alberta and Manitoba, and our team of over 30 Ag Equipment Experts, we are here to help you purchase the best equipment for your operation out of our extensive selection of farm implements and equipment. Contact your nearest Flaman location to speak with one of our team members today.