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Hardware Mega Box

Hardware Mega Box

Product Information

Grab & Go Hardware Mega Box! Your portable BE Ag & Industrial electrical collection, fasteners, hardware, and pins. Stocked with over 6000 pieces of critical hardware, you won’t be caught without the bits and pieces you need in the field with the Flaman Grab & Go Kit. Help minimize downtime with the small things.

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Extra Information

They’re all neatly organized with an itemized list to help you find the part or tool you need. The rugged case that fits into your pickup, service truck, tractor, or machinery. We spent a year assembling the ideal collection of our most-requested materials.

40 individual packages included.

Farm Pins

  • A1 Clevis Pin Assort. 60 Pieces
  • A2 SAE Universal Clevis & Hair Pin Assort. 71 Pieces
  • A3 Cotter Pin Assort. 555 Pieces
  • A4 Cotter Pin Assort. 144 Pieces
  • A6 Hair Pin Assort. 150 Pieces
  • A74 Lynch Pin Assort. 50 Pieces
  • A75 PTO Lock Pin Assort. Square 20 Pieces
  • A76 PTO Lock Pin Assort. Round 20 Pieces


  • B7 Driver Bit Assort. 114 Pieces
  • B8 Metric Hex Head Set Screws 200 Pieces
  • B9 SAE Hex Head Set Screws 200 Pieces
  • B10 Allen Cap Screw Assort. 106 Pieces
  • B11 Allen Cap Screw Assort Metric 106 Pieces
  • B15 Metric Nut & Bolt Assort. 240 Pieces
  • B16 SAE Nut & Bolt Assort. 240 Pieces
  • B17 Metric Nylon Lock Nut Assort. 146 Pieces
  • B18 SAE Nylon Lock Nut Assort. 150 Pieces


  • C23 SAE Int. & Ext Snap Ring Assort. 285 Pieces
  • C24 Metric Int. Snap Ring Assort. 300 Pieces
  • C25 Metric Ext. Snap Ring Assort. 300 Pieces
  • C26 Metric E-Clip Assort. 300 Pieces
  • C27 SAE Roll Pin Assort. 120 Pieces
  • C28 Metric Roll Pin Assort. 120 Pieces
  • C29 Hose Clamp Assort. 26 Pieces
  • C31 SAE Copper Washer Assort. 116 Pieces
  • C32 Shackle & Clip Assort. 30 Pieces
  • C33 Spring Assort. 200 Pieces
  • C36 Metric Woodruff Keys Assort. 80 Pieces
  • C37 HNBR O-Ring Assort. 225 Pieces
  • C40 Metric Grease Fitting Assort. 110 Pieces
  • C41 SAE Grease Fitting Assort. 110 Pieces
  • C67 SAE Keystock Assort. 30 Pieces
  • C77 Metric O-Ring Assort. 407 Pieces
  • C78 SAE O-Ring Assort. 407 Pieces


  • D44 Insulated Rubber Clamp Assort. 42 Pieces
  • D45 Rubber Grommet Assort. 125 Pieces
  • D46 Twist On Wire Connect Assort. 158 Pieces
  • D48 Wire Terminal & Crimp Tool Assort. 175 Pieces
  • D49 Heat Shrink Tube Assort. 127 Pieces
  • D55 Auto Fuse Assort. 147 Pieces
  • D57 Auto Bulb Assort. 17 Pieces

Questions? Contact your nearest Flaman StoreOur parts and hardware team would be happy to help!