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Grinder Mulcher SFM250

FAE Grinder Mulcher SFM250

Looking for a machine that can handle forestry mulching, forestry tilling, and crush rocks? Look no further; at Flaman we carry the SFM250 from FAE, a unique piece of equipment that can help you reclaim your farm land in one pass. Its adjustable 3-point linkage makes it compatible with any kind of tractor, but also features: system protective chains, and transmission with a side gearbox. The Z style self ranging system of the PTO drive shaft helps keep the correct operating angle while the hydraulically controlled rear door allows you to adjust the final product size while the machine is working. The SFM250’s counter-blades are forged and hardened for a prolonged working life.  

If you’re looking to reclaim some of your land for agricultural use, or otherwise, this multi-tasking machine is a powerful and cost-effective addition to your line up. At Flaman, we carry a full range of farm implements to enhance your operation. Our team of over 30 expert farm sales members have well over 100 years of experience combined and are dedicated to helping find the best solutions for you.