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Grass Seeder

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Brillion Landscape Seeder

Grass seed is an expensive commodity – when you’re planting it you want to make sure it is done well to achieve maximum germination, which is why Flaman carries Brillion “Sure Stand” Seeders. Brillion seeders, with a working with that ranges from 6’ to 12’, provide precision placement of seeds, cutting down on wasted seed compared to other models. The seeder’s dual rollers create a successful system of first forming a firm seed bed by crushing lumps and pressing down small stones, then gently firm the soil around the dropped seeds to ensure the optimal planting depth of 1/2”. 

Standard features of the grass seeders include a larger meter box, precision fluted feed rolls, micro-meter adjustment, floating axles, high strength rollers and wide metals deflectors.  Precision fluted feed rolls allow you to seed at exact rates as low as one-half pound per acre, while the floating axles provide more consistent contact with the ground.

With 9 locations across Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba, we’re closer than you think. Drop in to your nearest Flaman location to chat with our expert sales team members to learn more about which model of seeder would best suit your needs – but don’t stop there. We have a full range of farm implements that we’d be happy to provide to enhance your farming operation.