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At Flaman, we take care to provide the most innovative equipment on the market, which is why we stock REM grain vacs. REM extensively tests their machines, both in the field and controlled environments, to ensure equipment that not only last, but work efficiently, making them a reliable addition to your operation. 

The Air System used in both the VRX and VR12 grain vacs have three main components: the fan, air throttle and air lock. The air throttle automatically manages the suction provided by the fan, but it allows for manual adjustment if necessary, to accommodate the weight of grain. The air lock is a spring-loaded, two flap opener that is made to move your grain quickly. Additional features like the auger system, with its ¼” thick chrome flighting and a leak-proof clean-out door make these machines user friendly, and easy to maintain. 

If you’re looking for more information, call or visit one of our 9 dealerships located throughout Saskatchewan, Alberta and Manitoba to speak with one of our farm sales team members. With over 100 years combined experience, we’re sure to help you find the best farm implement to suit your needs.