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NECO Grain Dryer

Need to set up a grain drying system? A Neco grain dryer from Flaman is an asset to any farming operation. Its screenless design allows the user to condition all types of grain for storage, including specialty beans without the time-consuming hassle of cleaning and switching screens between uses.

This quiet and efficient piece of equipment will save you time and money due to its computerized moisture control that prevents over-drying. This will gain you an average of 1-2 pounds heavier test weight per bushel compared to screen dryers. The COMMANDER Control is a touch screen PLC with embedded Dyer Master moisture control, tracking and graph capabilities, alarm and troubleshooting assistance as well as a dual moisture sensing system. There is also the option of COMMANDnet; tech that conveniently allows you to remotely monitor your grain with your smartphone or computer. The modular design of the Neco grain dryer is customizable and can be expanded to meet the needs of your growing operation. 

This innovative machine is just a small example of Flaman’s commitment of providing the best agriculture equipment the market has to offer. We have 9 dealerships located across Saskatchewan, Alberta and Manitoba, with a team of over 30 farm sales experts to help you find the right piece of equipment for you.