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Monitor your fuel, from anywhere.
Fuel Lock is a system that locks your fuel and allows you to view usage right from the palm of your hand. You’ll know every time your fuel is accessed, and by who - in real time. Owners can eliminate worry and feel confident knowing their fuel storage is secured from anywhere in the world. An innovative solution to an everyday problem. With Fuel Lock, run daily, weekly or monthly reports on who is pumping fuel as well as how much.

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Extra Information

Chose the package that suits your operation best:

  • Fuel Lock Personal uses a keypad lock to protect fuel from theft.
  • Fuel Lock Business does the same thing as Personal but it also has an app that lets you control multiple PINs to who’s using your fuel, and when.
  • Fuel Lock Commercial does the same thing as Business but has a level sensor so you can track the fuel level inside the tank. Set up Fuel Lock to automatically notify your fuel supplier when the level runs low.

Fuel Lock is compatible with gasoline or diesel and either 1” or 1.5" fuel line.




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