Land Rollers

Rite Way F Series (F3, F5, F7) Land Rollers

F Series (F3, F5, F7) Land Rollers

Product Information

Rite Way Land Rollers help increase germination rates and promote even maturity by ensuring every seed you plant has good contact with the soil.

Rite Way Land Roller drums are larger, so they make fewer revolutions and more efficiently press rocks into the ground without rolling the crop out ahead of it. They need less horsepower and can be folded and unfolded in minutes with a patented hydraulic system.

Available from 32' to 89' lengths, and 5/8 thicker drum upgrade available in select 5-section models.

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  • pull equipment in tandem

    pull equipment in tandem

  • narrow transport widths

    narrow transport widths

  • larger diameter, heavy drum wall

    larger diameter, heavy drum wall

  • 4-way heavy duty flexible knuckle

    4-way heavy duty flexible knuckle


Extra Information

NEW for 2018! Thicker 5/8" drum upgrade is available on all F3 rollers and also on the F5 rollers up to and including the F5-68'.
Larger 17.5 truck tires will be included on any roller with the thicker drum from F3-52' up to the F5-62'
3, 5 and 7 Sections Available

  • Large 42” diameter drum
  • Floating rollers for constant ground pressure
  • Lengths from 32’ to 89’
  • Narrow transport available (NT – 11’6” width)
  • Requires less horsepower

Rite Way Land Rollers:

Efficiently press rocks into the ground, helping eliminate costly repairs during harvest. Leave a smooth surface for a smoother ride when you use your sprayer, and for a trouble-free harvest. Having a smoother ride also means less fuel consumption when spraying and harvesting.

Increase germination rate and promote even maturation because they ensure every seed you plant immediately has good contact with the soil.

Break down crop residue - even cornstalks - so your field is ready to plant in the spring.

Shorter drum sections as well as independent roller momentum, ensure you roll the land evenly regardless of the terrain. 


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Working Width 52' --
Drum Diameter 41” to 42” --
Drum Thickness .53” to .60” --
Transport Width 13.5' --
Frame 6” x 4” x .25” wall --
Tires 11L- 15-8 ply --
Transport Length 50' --
Weight 24,400 --




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