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Trailtech Round Bale Transporter

At Flaman, we know that relocating and sorting bales can be a time-consuming task, which is why we have Rite Way bale carts in our line up. They pick up bales 48” to 72” in diameter at 4 mph (6 mph between bales) and carry up to 12 bales at a time, allowing you to quickly and efficiently transport your round bales to their final destination. Bales are set with the correct spacing for a streamlined, tube-style loading process, while front and back gate hold them securely in place, reducing waste from damaged or dropped bales.

An additional benefit of this bale carrier is its durable, nearly maintenance free design. There are no grease points, aside from the wheel hubs, and it can easily haul over 200,000 bales in its lifetime. The combination of these points make it a cost-effective solution to your operation. 

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