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Wheatheart X Series Grain Auger

X Series Grain Auger

Product Information

The X Series Auger features a precision engineered, commercial strength frame and redesigned hopper, as well as unmatched serviceability and extreme durability. Wear edge technology is standard on all Wheatheart X Series Auger which means 10 GA steel reinforces the flighting edges where most of the wear occurs. 

Ideal for today’s demanding farm and or commercial operations up to 23,000bph.

See 13" (X-130) series with retracting XTEND swing auger

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  • extendable axles for greater stability

    extendable axles for greater stability

  • Steel Trussing

    Steel Trussing

  • Heavy Duty Scissor Lift

    Heavy Duty Scissor Lift

  • Removable Plate

    Removable Plate

  • One-bolt flight connection

    One-bolt flight connection

  • Power Extended

    Power Extended

  • 1000 PTO Drive with Reverser Kit

    1000 PTO Drive with Reverser Kit



  • Never Spill Auger Downspout

    Never Spill Auger Downspout

  • Rodono Xtend Auger

    Rodono Xtend Auger


Extra Information

6 service access points;
quicker more efficient daily maintenance through increased accessibility  
Hopper Lift Arm; can be quickly changed from left to right for unloading on both sides
Steel Trussing; added on all 84', 94', & 114' lengths for increased strength and stability
Removable End Plate; for easy access to flighting in upper tube
Scissor Lift Frame; maximize reach and reduce swaying

Options; hydraulic remote power swing (x100 and x130), hydraulic hopper winch, LED lights, transport lights, right angle drive, reverser kit, reverser reducer (required for 1000 rpm tractors)

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16" Auger features:

  • 11 3/4" low profile hopper with triple flighting
  • Heavy-duty A-frame undercarriage for strength and stability
  • Large boot with sealed flex spout for increased capacity
  • Square flight connections with Wear Edge technology at critical grain transfer points
  • Remote electric power swing
  • Commercial grade top truss

Looking to add 
retracting capabilities to your auger?
Flaman has 
swing away option add-ons available.


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Tubing Gauge 14 GA --
Main Flighting 9" OD x 7 GA w/ wear edge at critical points --
Flighting Shaft 2" OD x 11 GA --
Hydraulic Lift 4" single acting cylinder --
PTO Shaft 14R constant velocity with one shear bolt --
HP required (w/ dry wheat) 60 HP --
Transport Height 13'8" --
Maximum Height 43'7" --
Capacity 6,600 BU --





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