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J&M High Capacity Dual Auger Grain Cart (1125 to 2350 BU)

High Capacity Dual Auger Grain Cart (1125 to 2350 BU)

Product Information

The new J&M 32 Series X-Tended Reach Dual Auger Grain Carts take dual auger design to the next level. This high-capacity cart combines all the advantages of a front-folding, single auger design with the low profile of a dual auger grain cart, making it easy for the combine auger to fill – even on extreme terrain. Available in 1,125 to 2,350 bushel capacities, the 32 Series grain cart is available with large flotation tires, walking tandem dual wheels, or a durable track system.

Featuring superior operator visibility with the X-Tended Reach Design, MaxEdge flighting for maximum unloading speed and durability, and precision grain placement with the telescoping flow control spout – the J&M dual auger grain cart is truly top of its class for design and performance.

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Extra Information

Low Profile Design: Provides maximum clearance and lower centre of gravity for added stability on uneven terrain.

High Performance: Allows you to keep your trailer off the field with the extended reach auger.

Telescoping Flow Control Spout: Maintains maximum height with 3-part unloading design.

Direct Drive System: Dual gearboxes maximize unload efficiency and decrease maintenance.

Dual Auger Design: Creates smooth transition, minimizes grain damage, and increases unload efficiency.

Stabilizer Trax: Reduces maintenance capable of providing over 13,000 lbs of belt tension.


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Capacity 1,150 BU --
Auger, vertical 22" Bullet --
Auger, horizontal 20" --
Unload Time 1.6 minutes --
Tracked Option Yes --
Tongue Weight (empty) 2,600 lbs. --
Tongue Weight (loaded) 4,000 lbs. --
Total Weight 18,650 lbs --