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Meridian Fertilizer Bin

Fertilizer Bin

Product Information

Commonly called a fertilizer bin, Meridian’s Multi-Purpose premium hopper bins are the most versatile bins available today. Although primarily used to store and handle fertilizer, grain, feed, and seed, their versatility extends even to coal, sand and any other free-flowing, dry granular commodity. The recent advantages of "smooth wall" hopper storage have farmers everywhere saving time and money. Each Meridian Bin offers heavy-duty, no compromise construction. These tough bins are completely pre-welded, inspected, and treated with premium epoxy powder coat finish both inside and out.

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  • All welded, Smooth-wall Construction

    All welded, Smooth-wall Construction

  • Premium Rack-n-Pinion Slide Gate w/ Crank

    Premium Rack-n-Pinion Slide Gate w/ Crank

  • Complete Sidewall & Roof Ladder

    Complete Sidewall & Roof Ladder

  • Vented Top Lid

    Vented Top Lid

  • Min. 40 Degree Bottom Come and 35 Degree Roof Cone

    Min. 40 Degree Bottom Come and 35 Degree Roof Cone

  • 24" Clearance Under Slide Gate

    24" Clearance Under Slide Gate


Extra Information

Meridians Multi-Purpose bin allows for many years of corrosion and abrasion resistance with fertilizer storage. 

Standard Features:

  • All welded smooth all construction
  • Legs and bracing
  • Slide grate with crank
  • Full sidewall and roof ladder
  • 25" top opening
  • Vented top lid - Spring loaded
  • Min 40: bottom cone and 35" roof cone
  • 24" clearance under slide grate 


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Bushels 806 --
Cubic Feet 949 --
Capacity - Tonnes 27 --
Height 16'8" --
Auger Required (minimum) 36' --
Top Opening 25" --




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