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Schulte Soilstar VTX Variable Tillage

Soilstar VTX Variable Tillage

Product Information

Schulte Soilstar VTX Tillage is an all-in-one machine for your farm. With the ability to adjust the disc angle on the go, this machine can deal with any type of crop residue or ground condition. The direct attack angle of the VTX Tillage creates a better cutting action rather than a scooping action ensuring all residue is cut, sized and mixed with the soil and minimizes hair pinning during seeding. Schulte VTX Tillage uses two large adjustable tension springs which allow for ground the following flexibility while achieving high penetration forces when demanded upon.

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  • Disc angle adjustment

    Disc angle adjustment

  • Single point depth control

    Single point depth control

  • Hydraulically adjusted disc angle range from 0° - 22°

    Hydraulically adjusted disc angle range from 0° - 22°

  • Disc Spacing Adjustment

    Disc Spacing Adjustment

  • Cylinder adjustment

    Cylinder adjustment

  • Fold back transport design

    Fold back transport design



  • Rubber roller upgrade

    Rubber roller upgrade

  • Harrow option

    Harrow option



Overall Weight 37,800 lbs 48,320 lbs
Concave Discs 24" dia. 2 1/2" concavity - 28 wave 24" dia. 2 1/2" concavity - 28 wave
Center Frame Section 10' 10'
Wing Frame Sections 10' 16'
Hydraulic Circuits 5-depth, main lift, castor turn 5-depth, main lift, castor turn, castor assist and disc angle
Safety Chain 41,000 61,000 lbs
Working Width 31' 2" 42' 2"
Transport Width 15' 4" 15' 4"
Tractor Power Required 10-15 hp/ft 10-15 hp/ft