Fertilizer Spreader

Radium ProSpread


Product Information

The ProSpread Fertilizer Spreader is designed for medium to large-scale farmers and contractors, this sturdy piece of machinery is ideal for various spreading jobs. By spreading at the exact rate of fertilizer, lime, gypsum, or dry organic material, this farming equipment is ideal for rows of crop to large-scaled farming jobs.

The ProSpread is a great choice if you're looking for a durable and reliable spreader built for bulk spreading.

20 Ton Capacity!

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Extra Information

Chain Conveyor: designed to keep constant and even flow of regardless of terrain
Welded Construction: sheet metal and high-grade tubing offer additional flex and strength
High Flotation Wheels: improves tracking while reducing compaction
S-Design Drawbar: allows for sharper turning and streamlined movability
Integrated Steel Grid: is able to remove foreign objects 65mm in diameter and bigger
ISOBUS channel kits: controls spinner and conveyor speeds
Greater Metering Accuracy: consistently brings material to the rear of bin
Rear Steer on tandem units: rear axle steering for less destruction of headlands on turning
Sprung Draw Bar System: for much easier ride and reduction of shock load on spreader and tractorRear steer on tandem units 

ProSpread also comes with; hydraulic braking axels, inspection ladder, light & camera package.

Optional features; 3CR12 and stainless steel bin construction, hydraulic power-pack, rear belt attachment, spreading kit (deflect material underneath trees and vines)



Load Capacity (kg's) 20,000
Empty Weight (kg's) 4400
Drive Control Hydraulic 22:1
Axles (mm) 2x120
Wheels 4x600/55 R 26.5
Tractor Power (hp) 300/223
Bin Length (mm) 5601
Bin Width (mm) 2400
Overall Height (mm) 2900





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