Get the beautiful, healthy lawn you deserve with lawn fertilizer from Flaman Agriculture. Ground Keeper fertilizer has the highest percentage of nutrients per resealable bag. It contains a mixture of Nitrogen, Phosphate, Potassium, Sulphur and Iron that will build hardy, healthy grass from the root up. 

Lawn Fertilizer

Ground Keeper Lawn Fertilizer

There are many factors that affect the health of your lawn – temperature, moisture, and soil type just to name a few. We recognize that sometimes your lawn may only need a little TLC, while some need a bit more help. With that in mind, Flaman now sells Ground Keeper Lawn Fertilizer, a Canadian made and owned product that will help your lawn thrive. Ground Keeper fertilizer, with its combination of Nitrogen, Phosphate, Potassium, Sulphur and Iron, has the highest percentage of nutrients per resealable bag. This creates long lasting, healthy, thick grass from the root up with rapid growth.

Specifically, Ground Keeper’s winning mixture contains 16% Nitrogen, 10% Phosphate, 3% Potassium, 17% Sulphur and 3% Iron. Nitrogen is required to improve overall growth and development, while Phosphate is essential to create healthy roots and shoots. The 3% of Potassium acts like a radiator, making grass hardier and therefor more tolerant to climate conditions. Sulphur correlates with the Nitrogen and helps to maintain the luscious dark green color. Last but not least, the Iron is critical to the chlorophyll reaction and also impacts the lawn’s color.

The combination of these nutrients creates impressive, consistent results that will have you coming back to Flaman for another bag of lawn fertilizer. If you have larger plans for your lawn, Flaman sells a variety of landscaping and compact implements to assist you. Contact your local store (one of 10 throughout Western Canada) to learn more.