Heavy Duty Braided Tow Rope

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Heavy Duty Tow Rope
**Farm use only (not intended for highway or transport vehicle use)

Farmers choose braided nylon ropes because of their lightweight, yet powerful strength combined with durable coating for a long-lasting service life. Pull stuck machinery like sprayers and combines, or use it to handle smaller jobs like recovering trucks and off-road vehicles from backcountry mud.

Braided nylon rope is best used for recovering and pulling. If your rope has been overloaded, there's far less risk when nylon breaks than when a steel chain does. Flaman's braided nylon ropes are quality designed with little elasticity.


  • Safely tow your combine and other large agriculture machinery
  • Marine finish prevents water absorption and internal yarn abrasion 
  • Nylon design has high stretch, strength, and shock absorbency
  • Plenty of options from 25,000 Lb. up to 240,000 Lb. capacity
  • Smooth feel in the hand and less prone to kinks

The shock absorbing tow rope designed to pull heavy machinery through the toughest conditions.

Braided nylon tow ropes have power, strength, and shock absorbency. Recover large equipment with a maximum payload of 200,000 pounds.


  • Make: Flaman
  • Model: Tow Rope
  • Year: 2021