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FAE Grinder Mulcher SFM250

Grinder Mulcher SFM250

Product Information

Turn unproductive land to cropland in one pass! The SFM 250 - Stone Cusher, Forestry Tiller and Mulcher with Fixed Tooth Rotor.
The NEW SFM is the answer to a very demanding market combining numerous tough applications. This unit combines the functionality and efficiency of a forestry mulcher, forestry tiller and rock crusher. The SFM is equipped with interchangeable bolt-on counter blades, FCP inserts (FAE clade plate) and grill making this machine unique in its category.

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  • Strong Teeth Holder

    Strong Teeth Holder

  • Adjustable 3-Point Hitch

    Adjustable 3-Point Hitch


Extra Information

Adjustable 3-Point Linkage: fits perfectly with any kind of tractor
Transmission with side gearbox: reduces rotor speed while maintaining power
Self Ranging drive shaft/gearbox: helps keep the operating angle between PTO shaft and power take-off
Hydraulically Controlled Rear Door: adjust final product while machine is working

Interchangeable Counter-Blades: hardened and forged for the longest working life

  • Front Weights are required on the tractor for proper balance
  • Min 250+ PTO HP recommended for best performance.
  • PTO shaft with clam clutch



Tractor (HP) 180 min | 300 max
PTO (rpm) 1000
Working Width 2550
Total Width 2870
Weight 4350
Stones 200 mm | Shredding Diameter
Trees 350 mm | Shredding Diameter
Stump 450 mm | Shredding Diameter
Max Depth 300 mm working depth