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Radium ProSpread

If you’re looking for a durable piece of equipment that will consistently spread a variety of materials in bulk, then a Radium ProSpread from Flaman is the product for you. This spreader is ideal for medium to large scale farms due to its large capacity of 20 tonnes, and its ability to adjust the rate of distribution for the material its carrying - whether it be a low rate for fertilizer, or a heavy rate for lime or gypsum. 

The innovative features of the ProSpread include, but are not limited to, a chain conveyor that provides constant and even flow, no matter the terrain of the land, high floatation wheels to reduce compaction and improve tracking, greater metering accuracy, an integrated steel grid that can remove foreign objects 65mm and above in diameter and its ball-swivel hitch the allows for a greater degree of movement between the machine and tractor.

At Flaman, we take pride in providing our customers with the best possible equipment and the knowledge they need to make an informed decision to benefit their farm, which is why we have a team of over 30 equipment experts to help you. Visit one of our 9 locations across Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba to find out more about our full selection of farm implements.

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