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Kello-Bilt Disc Ripper

Disc Ripper

Product Information

Looking to loosen up your tough, compacted fields?

Look no further than the Kello-Bilt Disc Ripper!

This handy tool will mix in crop residue, improve moisture retention, and plant root development for your next harvest. The 275DR is designed with either 5 or 7 adjustable heavy-duty ripper shanks that help with the deep ripping of compacted soil for seeding.

Get ready to break up some hard soil with the Kello-Bilt Disc Ripper from Flaman Ag! 

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Extra Information

Features of Kello-Bilt Disc Ripper

Oil Bath Bearing: Features back-to-back tapered roller bearings in 90W Gear Oil and sealed with Duo-Cone TM Seals.

Welded Spacer Spool: Fabricated steel spacer spools that won’t shatter or compress, provide maximum durability in the toughest conditions.

Disc Blades: 26” notched disc blades on the front and rear make quick work out of the tough ground.

Gang Shafts & End Washers: Made of high carbon steel and designed to eliminate stretch or premature failure. Simple locking washer system makes sure both ends of the gang axle are tight and reduces downtime. 

Heavy-Duty Shanks: The 5 or 7 Heavy Duty shanks dig down to a maximum depth of 18", tilling up hard ground for better soil management.

Bearing Standards & Wear Plate: Crafted from 3/8" thickness rectangular tubing for greater support for deep tillage. 

Gang Bar: Fabricated from a single piece for maximum stability, with no U-Bolts to stretch or loosen that can cause loose disc assemblies to bearing failures. 

Canadian Made: Built-in Red Deer County, Alberta, by farmers for farmers. 



Cut Width 16' 19'
No. of Shanks 5 7
Transport Width 16'9" 19'6"
Weight 11,550lb 13,100lb
Suggested Drawbar Horsepower 200+ 300+